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Brownie Batter Dip

18 Mar

Thank you, Stacia, for pinning this recipe. 🙂 I saw the picture on Pinterest and I’m so glad I did!

Very easy, and it’s always fun to dip things in chocolate. I liked it with pretzels best, but I always love chocolate covered pretzels, so that’s no surprise. I’m not a fan of chocolate covered strawberries, but if you are I’m sure this would be great for strawberries. I tried it with vanilla wafers…..ehh….not bad. But not as good as the pretzels.

I’m including a link for the recipe below.

If you can sit out a block of cream cheese to soften……and you can work a mixer……you can make this. 😀

brownie batter dip 004

brownie batter dip 001

brownie batter dip 002

brownie batter dip 003

What else would you pair with this dip? Leave a comment if you have a good idea for the next time I make this. 🙂 I also saw a picture of it with marshmallows, but I didn’t have any so I didn’t try those. Maybe a Nutter Butter?


Ruby’s Cupcakes :)

2 Mar

A few weekends ago I helped put together a baby shower for my sister. If you know me, you know cupcakes were involved. 🙂 Since I would be traveling for the party, with a baby in tow, I needed something cute that I could make ahead of time.

Fondant cupcake toppers.

These actually were not hard to make at all. I rolled out some fondant and cut out white circles and teeny white hearts.
2.26.13 cupcake toppers 002

Then I tinted the extra fondant pink and cut out little onesies.
Adorable. As it turns out, Hobby Lobby and Michaels don’t carry a mini onesie cookie cutter. Had to order it online.
2.26.13 cupcake toppers 003

Attaching the two is as simple as brushing on a little water with a paintbrush and layering them. It turns out that “water” is another name for “fondant glue.” Pretty nifty.
2.26.13 cupcake toppers 006

If these were for anybody else, they would probably be done at this point. But, come on. These were for my sister. They needed an extra touch. So, I took out a fondant tool that looks like the tiniest pizza wheel you’ve ever seen….and gave the onesies some stitching. Much better.
2.26.13 cupcake toppers 004

The night before the shower my sister helped me make this ruffly cake. 🙂 Pretty.
2.26.13 cupcake toppers 008

The little lady should be making her appearance in about 2 1/2 months! Can’t wait to see how cute my newest niece will be!

Up next: probably a pinterest recipe I saw called brownie batter dip. Sounds like something I need to dip a pretzel into!

Less than 2 months until Abigail turns 1! What flavor should her cake be? Leave a comment to vote. 🙂