Valentine’s Day

3 Feb

Sigh. Big, huge, overemphasized SIGH. Yesterday my husband was nice enough to run around the house chasing Abigail all day so that I could decorate the first cake since she’d grace our lives. (Actually, she took a TWO HOUR nap on the day he watched her. I rarely get over 1 hour. What’s up with that?) I’ve done some baking and made a few cakes that I just iced, but not truly decorated one. I’m really grateful that I got the chance to this weekend, even if didn’t turn out quite the way I’d imagined. I’m out of practice!
I didn’t sprinkle out enough powdered sugar when I rolled out my fondant (but I did make my own for the first time in a year!:D), I didn’t get it as smooth as I would have liked, and I just wasn’t overall happy with the finishing polishes. But, the things that bugged me are more noticeable close up, so the pictures are pretty good. 😉

I baked a heart shaped cake to make a box of chocolates, similar to the one I posted on my last blog entry. But this time I didn’t make a lid to go on top. Because I didn’t want to hide the oreo truffles that I made to fill it! I got the decorating tips from again. I’m pretty sure she’s going to start charging me if I use any more of her material for my blog. Hers turned out much more polished looking than mine.

I used wax paper to trace my cake pan and make a template for the fondant.
2.2.`3 vday 002

Then I kind of made a sandwich from two fondant hearts and the cake. And of course, a little icing spread between to help the fondant stick.
2.2.`3 vday 004
2.2.`3 vday 007

After that, I cut a wide strip of fondant to go around the sides of the cake. I couldn’t roll out a piece long enough to cover both sides at once. So there’s a seam in the fondant, but that’s ok.

2.2.`3 vday 008

2.2.`3 vday 009

Now that the box is assembled, it’s time to make the truffles. Oreo truffles, from…..guess which website? If you just said outside, you get a gold star. Now, these truffles were very easy to make. And I like them pretty good….but to me that are just TOO rich. You use a food processor (or in my case a Ninja blender, because my fabulous mom got me one for Christmas) to crush the oreos. Then mix in a softened block of cream cheese. Roll into balls, and dip into chocolate. Easy, but so rich I could only eat one at a time. I like treats that I can eat by the handful. 😉 I think they were a good addition to this cake, but not something I’ll be making often.
But…..look how yummy this looks! 🙂 I like making smoothies with my blender, but let’s get real. A blender FULL of oreos looks much more tempting. 🙂
2.2.`3 vday 010

Not many pictures of the process of making the truffles. You have to work QUICKLY while dipping them to make sure that you get them finished before the chocolate bark dries.
2.2.`3 vday 011

Ta Da! Here’s the final product. If I made this cake all over again, I’d make the truffles smaller. There are gaps in the “box of chocolates” that are bigger than I’d like…..but NOT big enough to fit another truffle. Lesson learned. Of course, if I make this cake again I’ll probably do the lid with the bow on it like last time. It was just so cute that way.
2.2.`3 vday 014

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!
My next project will be some cupcake toppers for my sister’s baby shower. But I won’t be posting the idea for them until after it’s all said and done, because I want it to be a surprise. 🙂 I think she will like them!

And if you made it all the way to the bottom and actually read all of this, I’m including a bonus picture for you. 😀 This is Abigail’s first taste of pancakes. Judging by how many pieces she grabbed in her right hand, I’d say she likes them. 😉
2.2.`3 vday 001


One Response to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Jessica February 3, 2013 at 5:29 pm #

    The oreo truffles someone gave me once were dipped in white chocolate. Which I did like, but also thought they were too rich to eat more than one or two. I think your cake turned out great! And I agree, I think Abigail is a pancake fan ; )

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