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100th post….and dairy free!

21 Jan

I wish I had something more elaborately decorated to show you for my 100th post. But I just don’t. It’s hard to do anything “elaborately” with a 9 month old in the house. 😉 I do want to show you something that I made for a friend of mine, who has recently started to eat dairy free. She asked me if I had any dairy free cake recipes, and I didn’t, but the idea was something I wanted to look into. I found a couple of recipes, and of course they needed some special ingredients. While I was searching for dairy free ingredients, I found this! 1.21 004

The package looked so cute, and it was much easier to try this than to keep looking for the other ingredients I needed. So I came home from Publix with this mix and with a hope that I could make something yummy for my friend. 🙂 (I found this in the organic section, by the way)

I mixed it up, baked it, and did nothing special on the icing. I was running on little sleep and the deflating feeling that always comes the evening before Christmas break is over. :/ But it certainly looked delicious! 1.21 003

1.21 005

She was nice enough to give me back a slice of it, and I really liked it! I wouldn’t have guessed that it was dairy free AND gluten free. So if you have any friends/family that have restricted diets, you should give this brand a try! I believe they also had a brownie mix.

Seeing as this is a special post….never knew I’d make it to #100….I’ll show you one pretty picture from a long time ago. I made this cake for Valentine’s Day of 2010….way before this blog came to be. Maybe this year I’ll find time to make another one of these. It really was a fun cake. It would be even better if I made my own truffles for the inside. 😀 This one was a homemade cake, but decorated with a Whitman’s special. 😉