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Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

25 Mar

My friend Stacia talked me into trying something else new. 🙂 These were a little less weird than the bacon cupcakes, though! She found something on pinterest called Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries. They were SO cute. I just had to try them out. They look a little fancy, so I was surprised at how easy they were.

The only thing is, I can’t exactly call them “cheesecake” stuffed. That makes me think of the real deal, bake in the oven, cool overnight cheesecake that was the very first dessert I  posted in this blog. It was SOOOO good and rich. These strawberries are delicious, but the filling is not real cheesecake. It’s more of a sweetened, whipped cream cheese. Not the same richness or texture as real cheesecake. So I’m changing the name to Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries. Whatever you want to call them, here’s all you have to do:

Trim off the top and hollow out the inside of a  pound of strawberries.

Like the recipe suggested, I also trimmed off just a small piece of the bottom of the strawberries, so that they would stand up straight. You don’t have to take much off of the bottom, just enough to give it a flat surface.

Then mix together your filling: 8 ounces of cream cheese (softened), 4 Tbsp. of powdered sugar, and 1 tsp of vanilla extract. That’s it! Mix those together and then pipe into the strawberries. (Or, if you don’t have piping bags you could use a small spoon. A piping bag just makes it a lot easier.)

Last step: Dip them in graham cracker crumbs. Just to look all nice and pretty. 🙂

They can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days!

Random Thought of the Day: I may never play the real version of Scrabble again. I can actually beat my husband on the Words with Friends version. 🙂

Up Next: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie!


Baby shoes cake!

16 Mar

Who is special enough to have a cake decorated for her before she is even born? My daughter. 🙂 ❤

I’ve been wanting to learn how to make these baby shoes out of gumpaste (similar to fondant) for quite some time now. I decided since it’s spring break and I have plenty of time on my hands, it was the perfect opportunity. 🙂 Of course I  had to make them  pink since I am having a little girl!

I would never have been able to do this without the templates I found on, as well as a youtube video that I must have watched half a dozen times so I wouldn’t forget what I was supposed to do.

I started with cutting out the templates and then cutting the gumpaste into the right shapes.



Then I attached the front part of the shoe to the bottom sole and crumpled up some plastic wrap to give it a little support until it had time to dry.


Then I wrapped around the main piece of the shoe. I used a fondant tool to make it look like it had stitching and also create some holes to add laces. The white details were “glued” on with some meringue powder mixed with water.


I gave these a few minutes to dry and then added a little bow (also made of gumpaste). I put these on top of a yellow cake with strawberry filling that I’d iced in a purple buttercream. I don’t usually make a filling for my cakes, but this one was going to have Abigail’s name on it, so it had to be extra nice. 🙂


Looks almost like a pair of her shoes!


I’m not gonna lie….these little shoes took a long time to make! About 2 hours. But I felt so accomplished to know that they turned out and were identifiable as shoes. 😉 I really want to make them again sometime. Maybe for someone’s baby shower or something. They’re one of my favorite creations so far!


Random Thought of the Day: Spring break is almost over for me. 😦 This week has been wonderful. I love sleeping in on weekdays. 🙂 Going to enjoy these last couple of days off and then head back to work for 2 more weeks!

Up Next: Cream cheese stuffed strawberries. Stacia sent me a link for them…I guess because she knew I wouldn’t be able to resist trying them. 🙂

Sodas by the Mr.

11 Mar

I have enjoyed my start to spring break and haven’t bothered baking a single thing. 🙂 Been busy working on the nursery and also just catching up on a little rest. So now I’m really glad that last week I mentioned posting some of the sodas that Eric has made.

For Christmas Eric asked for a soda siphon and a recipe book. It’s been pretty fun to see and taste all of the things he has made! Some of the recipes have some very uncommon ingredients, things we’d have to order online just to make one batch of soda. So we’ve stuck with the more basic ones for now. Here’s the recipe book and the siphon that he uses to make most of them:



Lots of the recipes start with making some type of syrup. Then it gets poured into the siphon and he fills the siphon the rest of the way with water. Most importantly, he adds a cartridge of CO2 to the siphon to give it carbonation. 🙂 A couple of the recipes don’t require a siphon at all, you can just mix the syrup with seltzer water which is available at any grocery store. So if you want to try making a few sodas without buying the siphon, that’s a good way to start. 🙂

This was was called “Sparkling Watermelon.” Wasn’t my favorite flavor, but it did look awfully pretty. 🙂


This one was one of my favorites! Kiwi Lime soda. I thought it had a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors. This one took a little while to make because he had to strain out all of the kiwi seeds from the puree. But it was worth it!!!


I also loved this one: Sparkling Orange Creamsicle. It has orange juice, vanilla yogurt, and vanilla ice cream. 🙂 YUM. This is one that you don’t even need the siphon for. Just mix together 1 cup each of the 3 ingredients and puree in a food processor or blender. Then pour 3/4 cup of the puree in a glass and stir in 3/4 of a cup of seltzer water. Very easy!


He’s made more than these three, but these are the three that I remembered to take pictures of. I’m thinking now of how I could play around with the flavor in the creamsicle recipe because it was so good and simple to make. Of course orange creamsicle is the classic, but I wonder if it would work with strawberry flavor also? Maybe just use some strained strawberry puree in place of the orange juice? Maybe while I’m on spring break this week I’ll play around with it a little. 🙂

Random Thought of the Day: GO NOLES! ACC basketball champs.

Up Next: I’m going to try a new gumpaste figure this week while I’m on vacation. I haven’t made anything from gumpaste since my nativity cake before Christmas. Hopefully it’s successful enough to post. 🙂

Amish Friendship Bread

4 Mar

I’ve had a super busy weekend, so this post is going to be very short and sweet. 🙂

Also, I was multi-tasking while I was making this so I only have 2 pictures. I got busy and forgot about taking pictures until the very end. But…I still wanted to show you what I’ve been making. A friend of mine gave me a “starter bag” for some Amish Friendship Bread a couple of weeks ago. I remember my mom making this stuff years ago so I was excited that I could start some again. The batter stays in a ziploc bag on your counter (not the frdige!) for 10 days. Most days all you have to do to it is squish it around with your fingers to mix it well. One day you have to add some flour, sugar, and milk. Then at the 10 day mark when it’s time to bake you need a few other additions: more flour, sugar, milk, eggs, salt, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, oil, vanilla, and pudding mix.

The recipe makes 2 loaves of bread, but I just find it easier to bake it in cupcake liners instead. So I guess these are more like Amish Friendship Muffins. 😀 And because little things are almost always cuter, I want to try making some mini loaves out of this. Sometimes I see miniature loaf pans at Michaels for $1 each, so I’m going to keep my eye out for some next time I’m in there. That would make a cute little gift for someone, and they can keep the little pan for less than what you’d spend buying a gift bag!

Before baking though, you measure out a couple cups of the batter to divide into 2 gallon ziploc bags. So…the entire process starts over again. You can keep one bag to bake the bread again in 10 days, and give one bag away to a friend. 🙂

SO…..if any of my Panama City friends want to start a batch of this please let me know! I have a new bag to share with someone every 10 days. 🙂

Random Thought of the Day: It’s March already! Dairy Queen’s blizzard flavor of the month is mint oreo, because of St. Patrick’s Day. My husband got me one last night. YUM! Reminds me of thin mints. 🙂

Up Next: I think I’ll show you some of the homemade sodas my husband has been making. Not exactly dessert, but very interesting. The kiwi lime soda was my favorite!