Rice Krispie Treats

29 Jan

I eat quite a bit of cereal, and last week I bought a big box of Rice Krispies. The next day I wondered….why didn’t I also buy marshmallows?! I’d been thinking about Rice Krispie treats all week, but didn’t think one bag of mini marshmallows was worth a trip to the grocery store. You see how motivated I am. 😉 So on Thursday when my husband and I went to pick up groceries I finally picked up a bag. These are a classic, and I’m pretty sure everyone has made them at least once. And you really don’t need me to tell you how to do it. They’re extremely easy. But sometimes it’s not bad to be reminded that the simple things are sometimes quite delicious. 😀

Of course you have to melt a little butter (1/4 cup), and then melt in marshmallows (one bag). Sticky, sweet goodness.


I’d been working on something for the nursery earlier in the day, so I had purple on my mind. I decided to make these Rice Krispie treats purple tinted, just for funsies.


Stir in 8 cups of cereal, and pour into a greased pan. You’re all set! Just wait for them to cool and cut into squares. Easy and fun. The purple color did make them a little weird, though. It kind of messed with my mind, but not enough to keep me from eating them. 😉



Random Thought: What is your favorite thing to make that is a classic and super easy? Making these Rice Krispie treats made me wonder what else I haven’t made in years, but I should try again.

Up Next: Probably something chocolate, since I already mentioned it last week but then got distracted with the box of Rice Krispies. 😉



One Response to “Rice Krispie Treats”

  1. Vicki Chastain January 29, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    you made them purple!!!!

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