Christmas Wreath

18 Dec

This weekend I was asked to make a cake for a co-worker whose birthday is on Christmas. I’m glad I was asked, because I had some new cake stencils I’d been wanting to try. 🙂  I started with a clean canvas….just a simple round cake iced in white.


Then I picked out the stencil I wanted to use, and dug out my red and green sprinkles. The stencil actually ended up being just a bit harder to use than I thought. The sprinkles were so small that some of them kept slipping underneath the outlines of the stencil, and I was afraid that the design would look very smudged.


As carefully as I could, I filled in the four sections of the wreath with green sprinkles. Then I filled in the bow area with red.



Lastly, I added a few green sprinkles around the bottom for a border. Mostly because I didn’t even have enough icing left to make a red buttercream border like I’d planned. Overall, not to hard to use these stencils! Only a few stray sprinkles got away from me. 🙂


Up Next: Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post at least one more Christmas treat before next Sunday!

Random Thought: In 1 week and 1 day my little nephew should be making his entrance into the world! I’m so excited! 🙂


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