Happy Halloween!

30 Oct

I hope you like this cake. It took a long time to make, because I had to make the main decoration twice. The first time I didn’t let it dry long enough, so it completely fell apart when I tried to put it on top of the cake. So being as stubborn as my dad’s side of the family, I refused to let something as simple as a “royal icing transfer” get the best of me. I threw all the broken pieces away. And started….All. Over. Again. I re-mixed a brand new batch of royal icing, tinted all of the colors, and piped out every detail for a second time. And this time, I let it dry overnight. No taking chances with this one.

I started by printing out some pictures of clipart that I wanted to put on my cake. I reversed the picture with words so that after I flipped the design over, it would look correct.



The first step is to outline the decorations. Then you can fill it in with all of the different colors you want to use. You have to work in layers, adding one color at a time.

Finally done! This little jack o’ lantern/ trick or treat bag took 45 minutes to make (including making the actual icing and tinting the colors). And that’s 45 minutes for EACH of them.Β  I was VERY happy that the second one turned out well. πŸ™‚

Of course the “BOO” and bats were MUCH easier. They just needed to be filled in with black. None of that layering colors business. πŸ˜‰ After this dried over night all I had to do was flip it out onto the iced cake!

I like how stiff this royal icing dries. It makes itΒ  possible to attach decorations with parts of them hanging off the top edge of the cake. Almost like the bat is flying. πŸ™‚

Up Next: Not sure yet….I’m thinking of trying Pecan Pie cupcakes. Anyone ever had one?

Random Thought of the D ay: Next Iron Chef starts tonight! Chef Robert is going down!!!! πŸ™‚


One Response to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Jessica Llanes October 30, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

    It looks great! But did I understand this correctly-you did the colors in layers like you would do the frozen buttercream transfer? Because I didn’t do that. I just printed the pictures out just the way they were and traced, I didn’t invert them. Good to know that it works both ways!

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