Goldfish Cupcakes

1 Oct

So I still haven’t made it around to trying the Pillow Cookies yet. I keep putting it off because I know they are going to be soooo bad for me, yet so delicious 🙂 Terrible Catch 22 there. But I do have all of the ingredients now….so maybe I’ll make them tomorrow. I did make some cupcakes with Goldfish crackers on top, though. I swear 1st grade teachers could  use goldfish for anything. Haha

I actually got this idea from one of the Hello, Cupake! books. I  have the first and second editions (thanks Mom and Mom-in-law!). The ones in the book look a little better, because they use the best ingredients for the decorations. I just used whatever I had on hand because I was too lazy to go out and buy things like Fruit by the Foot just to make a couple of cupcakes. But here’s what I did with what was already in the pantry. And they are pretty easy. I think they’d be a big hit with kiddos.

I rolled out some blue fondant and cut out a circle to cover the cupcake. I just sliced a small amount off of the top of the circle to be the top of the “water” in the “fishbowl.” Using blue icing would have worked just as well here.

Then I added two goldfish using a small dot of icing for glue. I piped on a little eyeball with some black gel icing. Lucky for me, the goldfish already have a smile. 🙂

Green Fruit by the Foot (or something similar) was suggested to make some seaweed looking fish tank decorations. I used green fondant because I happened to have some already tinted green.

I used some honey roasted peanuts to look like the pebbles at the bottom of the fish tank.  Pretty simple to make. 🙂

Then I started thinking….what if the fish wasn’t in a fish tank? What if he was out in the open ocean? This gave me a chance to use one of my silly looking eyeball sprinkles that someone gave to me. I thought it might make the fish look scared of a nearby fishing hook.

If it looked anything, it looked silly. Much too big of an eyeball for a goldfish. But at least I got a chance to use my edible Food Writer markers for the hook. They’re one of my favorite toys. 🙂

So that’s what happens when you play in the kitchen and mix cupcakes and goldfish. Pretty easy way to entertain yourself, if you ask me. 🙂

Up Next: Pillow Cookies. I know this is the third week I’ve mentioned them, and they really are coming. I promise this time. And they’re going to be a big deal. You don’t want to miss it. 😉

Random Thought of the Day: This weather is amazing! I love it.


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