Candy Cake

18 Sep

Since I posted last week that I would be making my mom’s special cake, she’s given me a name for it. 🙂 The candy cake. The only problem I ran into was not having a tart pan. She uses a tart pan for hers, and the little indentation is perfect for holding in the fillings. Plus the textured edges look really nice. But it’s possible to make it without one, as I found out. It just won’t look quite as pretty as my mom’s. 🙂

This cake seems to me like it’s half cake and half ice cream sundae. It starts with 2 yellow cake layers, just like you’d use for a birthday cake. But instead of topping it with buttercream frosting, you add chocolate syrup, cool whip, and whatever candy toppings you like! It’s completely customizable.

I hope I did everything in the right order. Mom, you’ll have to correct me in the comments if I messed up.  I really don’t have any exact measurements for this part. I just started with one of the yellow cake layers and added “enough” chocolate. You get to decide how much is “enough” for you. Sometimes when I’m adding ingredients, I err on the side of caution. After all, it’s easier to add more than to take it out. But in this cake, I err on the side of “can you really have too much chocolate syrup?”

Then I added some cool whip. I used about one 8 oz. tub for the entire cake. So plop on about half of it here. 😉

Then you get to pick your topping! I chose Reese’s Pieces. I love the peanut butter taste, and then after I started sprinkling them on top I realized that it kind of looks like autumn colors. That wasn’t really my intention when I bought this candy. But it was a nice added bonus. When I started adding the candy, I also thought about how this cake is sort of like making a pizza. You start with the cake, which serves as a base like the pizza crust does. Then add sauce (chocolate, instead of tomato please!). The cool whip is about the same color as mozzerella cheese….and then you mix and match toppings however you’d like. Choose a 1 or 2 topping cake, or go full out supreme and pile on anything from the candy aisle that catches your eye. Of course, you can also substitute chocolate syrup for caramel, butterscotch, strawberry, or any other kind of syrup that you like.

Once you have each layer added, do it all over again one more time! It’s very easy and also fun to eat. 🙂 Of course, this needs to stay in the fridge until you serve it since it has the cool whip. There you have it.  A half cake, half ice cream sundae. I’ll have to get my mom to send me a picture of one of hers so you can see how much better it looks with the tart pan.

In the mean time, I did make a mini one. I used just 6″ cake pans for this one. I thought it would be a good size to take over to my in laws. And what cake isn’t even more adorable in a smaller version?

Up Next: Not sure. Possibly “pillow cookies.” Ever heard of them?

Random Thought of the Day: Halloween is coming up soon. When all of the extra candy goes on sale, stock up so that you can make candy cakes. 😉


One Response to “Candy Cake”

  1. Kristin September 18, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

    YUMM!! I have not seen it with RP before but that’s my fav. candy!!!

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