More adventures with gumpaste flowers :)

16 Jul

Several months ago I saw a tutorial online for how to make a dahlia out of gumpaste. I’ve always thought it is a very pretty flower, and that made me want to try to make one. The tutorial said that it should take about 15 minutes to make. Hahahaha. That was the funniest thing I’d read all day. Seriously. It took me over an hour, but in the end I was happy with how it turned out. I think I’ll even make another one some day. 🙂

I decided that since the dahlia would turn out to be quite a large flower, it should be the main focus of the cake design. I wanted the rest of the cake to be fairly simple, so I needed a good color combination to showcase this flower. My second favorite color is purple, and I’ve always thought that different shades of purple look nice together. I decided on a lavender-ish color for the cake and a deeper purple for the flower. I started by baking chocolate cake layers. I cut each layer in half before I added the icing so that instead of a 2 layer cake, it was 4 layers. That way it looked all pretty inside when it was sliced. 😀 Then I covered the cake with homemade marshmallow fondant.

This stuff is so easy to work with and I LOVE it. I haven’t had enough practice covering cakes with fondant, but you would really never guess if you saw how smooth this cake looked. I highly recommend this marshmallow fondant over the store bought fondant. Not only is it easier to work with, but it also has a better flavor.

The first step in making the dahlia was to cut out a circle with a cookie cutter, and then make an impression inside that circle with a smaller cookie cutter. This was just to serve as a guide, to help make sure that all of the petals would be spaced evenly.

Then came the time-consuming part. Not necessarily very difficult, just time-consuming. For each and every petal I had to: cut out the petal shape, roll it with a fondant tool to get it thinner, pinch each end of the petal, and then place it onto the flower. The first couple of rows took the longest since they had the most petals.

As I added more and more petals, I could really start to see the flower coming together. The last couple of rows needed really small petals so I had to cut them down even after I’d used my smallest petal cookie cutter. I was happy with the final product! Here’s mine and a picture of a real dahlia for comparison. I’d say the tutorial I found helped a LOT since this was the first time I’d even attempted this flower. I’m so glad that people who know what they are doing take the time to write those things so that people like me can learn from them (instead of learn the hard way). 😀




While the flower was drying I had some time to add a border to the cake. Then I just had to make a quick green petal and place the flower on top. All done!

Up Next: Maybe I’ll actually post the chocolate mint thumbprints that I mentioned last week. I forgot that I’d already mentioned those until after I started uploading these pictures. 🙂

Random Thought of the Day: Has anyone ever tried paddle boarding? I am going to try it with a friend of mine in a couple of weeks. We are going to be athletic and adventurous 😉 If any one has any tips be sure to send them my way!


5 Responses to “More adventures with gumpaste flowers :)”

  1. Mallory July 16, 2011 at 1:55 pm #

    Jenn, this is one of prettiest cakes I’ve ever seen! You have a true talent 🙂

  2. Jessica Llanes July 16, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    I love the border of this cake just about as much as the flower! Nicely done 🙂

    • icingonyourcake July 16, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

      Thanks 🙂 I can always count on you to make a comment on all of my posts!

  3. Jessica Llanes July 16, 2011 at 2:35 pm #

    Oh, also-I haven’t used any homemade marshmallow fondant since March! I want to experiment with it more, but lately my clients have been wanting buttercream. Maybe I should use it on Rafy’s bday cake. He’s not a PAYING client hahaha. JK, it’s his birthday I’ll give him buttercream like he requested!

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