Spa Party Cakepops :)

9 Jul

As requested by many of my thousands of fans (haha) I am posting the spa party cakepops today. 🙂 I was very proud of these because they were one of my original ideas. 🙂 My friend who was hosting the spa party asked me to bring cakepops, and of course I said I’d love to. But she didn’t ask for any specific decorations, so I started thinking of what would be good for a spa party. Then it just came to me the next day while I was walking my dog. What better way to say “spa!” than to make cake pop people that are wearing a towel around their heads and have cucumbers over their eyes? *I do realize that it sounds slightly disturbing. It turns out kind of cute in the end. If you’re unsure, just scroll to the bottom* 🙂

These were actually very easy to make. I followed the basic directions for making cake pops on, but I rolled them into an oval shape rather than perfectly round. Then I dipped them into what I intended to be a skin colored white chocolate. It looked like a good color to me right when I mixed it together, but as it started to dry I realized it was way to light. It looked almost white. Next time I’ll know to add more food coloring, but these worked ok.

Then I dipped the top part of the pop into white chocolate twice (at opposite angles) to make it look like there was a towel wrapped around it.

The last step was to use some jumbo sprinkles and my food coloring markers to add facial expressions.

There you have it! An entire crew of cakepops getting relaxed and beautiful 😉

So I guess the real question is: which turned out cuter? The pops, or us? Vote in the comment section 😀

Up Next: I think it will be some chocolate mint thumbprint cookies 🙂
Random Thought of the Day: I went to Target today and saw the beginnings of their back to school display. Bittersweet. In one way I love to see lots of Crayola crayons 🙂 (No RoseArt!!!) In another way, I’m really enjoying my summer. Not ready to buy school supplies just yet.

The End.


3 Responses to “Spa Party Cakepops :)”

  1. Robin July 9, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    Cake pops are definitely cuter than we were! Those were great, Jennifer! You are so talented!

  2. Jessica Llanes July 9, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    I love these! Genius idea 🙂 Also love the floral platter you have them on.
    Chocolate thumbprint cookies sound great!

  3. Lindy July 9, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    These were SO cute!

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