Taco Night

27 May

So I told you guys last week that this week’s post was going to have a southwestern feel. I didn’t tell the whole story. It didn’t have a southwestern taste at all, just looks. 🙂 I had some family over this week for taco night. I thought I’d surprise them with this cake!

I didn’t take pictures of the whole process this time, so here’s a quick run down of how I made this.

I tinted some fondant and gumpaste a light yellow color for the tortilla chips. I cut them into triangles and let them dry in things called “flower formers” to make them slightly curvy. Flower formers are basically  paper towel tubes cut in half (except made of plastic).

For the salsa, I used seedless strawberry jam and mixed in some tiny pieces of green fondant, to give it the right look.

Then I just put the “chips” and “salsa” on top of round cakes that I’d baked (and carved just slightly to try to make them look like bowls) and voila! We had chips and dip cakes for taco night. : ) I hope my brother in law, Rafael is proud.

Sorry for the super short post this week, but I am off to Georgia to see my family. I’ll see ya next week. 😀


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