30 Jan

If I was a betting woman, I’d bet that after you see the very first picture of today’s post you’ll already be sold on it. You’ll know you want to try this sweet treat before you even know what the end product will be.
Want to see if I’m right?

So what do you say? Have I reeled you in yet? 🙂 If a recipe starts like this……chances are it’s a great one. 🙂

I originally saw these chocolate crackle cookies on, but the recipe is actually from Martha Stewart. It can be found here.

The first step is to melt 8 ounces of that beautiful bittersweet chocolate you just saw. If you know anything about melting chocolate, you know that you must be very careful not to burn it. Always use a double boiler or put the chocolate in a bowl on top of a pot of simmering water.

This will take a few minutes so you’ll need a little patience, but the smaller you chop your chocolate the faster it will melt. Just don’t turn the heat up too much trying to melt it faster because there are few things worse than burning perfectly good chocolate.

….getting there….

Just right! It is done as soon as all of the little chunks of chocolate are gone and it looks smooth. Remove this from the heat so that it can cool while you are working on the next few steps. Then sift together the flour, cocoa, baking powder, and salt.

After sifting this all of the lumps were gone, but it still wasn’t well mixed. I whisked it a little just for good measure.

Now it’s time to work with the butter and brown sugar. You’ll need to leave the butter out on the counter for a while before getting ready to mix up these cookies, because it will just refuse to cooperate if it’s not room temperature. Butter can be very stubborn like that.

Mix these together until the mixture becomes “light and fluffy”…..

…and looks something like this. I think it’s so cool how cameras can get such a clear shot of something at high speed. This picture was taken while the mixer was on, but it looks like the paddle attachment is just sitting perfectly still. Cool.

Next the cookies need some eggs and vanilla.

Once those are mixed in well, it’s time to add the good stuff. 🙂


Just like many other cookie recipes, this one ends with alternately added the dry ingredients (that were sifted together earlier) and milk. Start and end with the dry, and make sure the mixer is on low so that the flour doesn’t spray all over your kitchen. It’s not hard to make a big mess that way. Trust me on this one.

This is what the dough will look like when it’s all done. It’s a very sticky dough, so it needs to be put in time out in the fridge for a while to become firm enough to use. The recipe suggests dividing it into fourths before sending it to the fridge so that you have smaller amounts to work with once you start making the cookies later. Here’s how I divided it up. I’m not really sure if this is the best (or easiest) way, but it certainly worked for me.

I put some clear plastic wrap over a bowl, scooped in about a quarter of the dough, and then pulled the ends of the plastic wrap together and twisted it to seal.

After about 2 hours, the dough is cold enough to work with. Take out one section at a time and roll it out onto a surface dusted with powdered sugar.

Keep rolling each piece until the diameter is about an inch. Then cover in plastic wrap again and chill for another half an hour. I know this seems like a lot of steps. It is. But the finished cookies are worth it. 🙂 Take out the dough after 30 minutes and preheat the oven. Cut into 1″ pieces and roll into a ball.

Dip each cookie into granulated sugar, then into powdered sugar.

Then place on a cookie sheet and repeat, repeat, repeat. This part is actually pretty fun, so I didn’t mind doing it 4 dozen times.

A parchment lined baking sheet helps to keep the cookies from sticking. After 15 minutes in the oven, the cookies flatten out a bit and the sugar on top crackles. Check it out. Very cool. 🙂

Enjoy! And share with friends. The recipe makes about 50 of these! They taste a lot like brownies.

Random Thought of the Day: As most of you know, I’m quite addicted to watching the Food Network. I know several of you are fans too. Who is your favorite chef? Or what is your favorite show?

Next Up: Not sure yet. I’m still thinking about those chocolate cookies that are cooling in my kitchen. 🙂


2 Responses to “Sold!”

  1. Mr. on your cake January 30, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    These things are delicious! My favorite is outrageous food with tom pizzica

  2. Mom January 30, 2011 at 8:13 pm #

    These look awesome and I bet they taste great.

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