Change of Plans, Matey!

9 Sep

Some of you may remember this line from last week’s post:

“Next to come: practice tier for a wedding cake that I’ll be making in October.”

I had every intention of making the practice tier. I promise. On Saturday morning I woke up early to start baking before it was time for the football festivities to start. I baked two 12″ layers that were marbled with white and chocolate flavors. I had a little bit of chocolate batter left over, so I threw it in 6″ pans and baked that as well.

The cakes cooled while I watched FSU beat Samford. Yes, it was just Samford. But at least we won by a wide margin. And my favorite player, Greg Reid, made a fantabulous play. 🙂 Cake decorating was to resume after the game…

I remembered there was one last minute detail that I still needed to discuss with the bride, so I sent her a quick email. Then I headed off to Hobby Lobby, my favorite place to shop. 🙂 I needed to pick up some fondant so I could make this 12″ cake, which was practice for the bottom tier of the wedding cake I had scheduled for October 10th. As soon as I got home I got an email from the bride saying that the wedding had been post-poned until February. What??? (That was my first thought). Why in the world did no one bother to tell me before I baked so much cake to practice with? (That was my second thought, and quite an irritating one). She apologized that I hadn’t been given this very important information, but was told that someone else contacted me to let me know. She was sorry for the misunderstanding, blah, blah, blah.

So……what am I going to do with all of the cake??? I didn’t want to go to all of the trouble of covering a large cake in fondant, making gumpaste roses, and mixing together royal icing for a cake that I didn’t need to practice anymore. I decided to put together a quick decoration for the smaller 6″ cake instead. I’d saved a picture of a pirate cake a while back, and figured this was as good of a time as any to try it out. Here’s how it went…

First, I iced the cake in a flesh colored buttercream. For some reasons it looks very light in the picture. (Just imagine it in a fleshtone, instead of a weird off white color).

I colored small amounts of fondant red and black. These are, of course, the most necessary colors for any pirate cake. Mixing black fondant is kind of a pain. It takes a LOT of food coloring to get the fondant black enough. Good thing I only needed a little.

The first thing I made was an eye for my little pirate buddy. Only one, of course. The other would be covered with an eye patch. 😉 I used the bottom of one of my decorating tips to get a perfectly round circle.

I used a slightly smaller icing tip to cut out a black circle, then added one tiny dot of white fondant and the eye was complete! Arrrrr.

Yes, that “Arrrrr” was completely random. I just thought it was necessary since I was making a pirate. I made a black eyepatch out of fondant and a red bandana. I forgot to take pictures of these steps. Oops! I used the same icing tip to cut out white polka dots for the pirate’s bandana. Everyone knows that pirates wear red bandanas with white stripes or polka dots. I thought polka dots would look cuter. 🙂

Time to add a simple nose and mouth, and he is complete!

Too bad I didn’t think to add a gold earring. 😦 Oh well. Maybe next time.

Next to come: some type of dessert for the new small group I signed up for. Maybe Turtle Cookie Bars? Maybe Banana Pudding flavored cake? Which do you vote for?

Random Thought of the Day: Tomorrow we are having a special guest at the elementary school where I teach. She is a children’s book author, and she writes books about farm life. In honor of this, I think I’ll wear my boots to work. 🙂


2 Responses to “Change of Plans, Matey!”

  1. Kasi September 10, 2010 at 12:12 am #

    Sounds like a fun day at school…no day is a bad day if you have on your boots!

  2. Jessica Llanes September 11, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    The little pirate is so cute! I say for group you should make some cake pops- I just have them stuck in my head but I’m too lazy to make them myself : ( Seems like a lot of steps

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